Monday, December 28, 2015

Adventures in typewriters, the prequel.

I introduce to you, the Smith-Corona EL4000! 

I plan to hack together something to turn this into a perfectly functional, arguably useless but fun RSS feed printer.

Yay, brown!

I chose this machine as from the eBay pictures, it seems to have a printer function. When it was delivered however, the optimism turned a little stale...


Ok, so this has now become a coding AND hardware challenge, yay!

Next update will be when I find screwdrivers long enough to reach into the holes in the upper case to release the screws holding it to the base. My optimism is starting to pick back up again though; the machine seems to have memory functions and they all work, so it looks like the functionality to process data from sources other than the keyboard and send these autonomously to the typewriter would seem to be present. Hopefully, there will be some form of data connector on the main board to allow data input in some common format...

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